First day in Navàs

Before leaving from Naples for Barcelona at 10:05 o’clock in the morning of 30th February.

Here I am in the internal hall of the Escola Diocesana de Navàs, a meeting point for students and teachers, where there are a couple of playgrounds.

Here is the building of the Town Hall of Navàs.

In front of the Town Hall of Navàs, in the same square, there is a fountain which is lit up with various colors on special occasions. in the spring season the trees in the square take on a characteristic purple colour. The square is a meeting point for important events.

Gaudi’s influence is evident in the monuments of Navàs.

In the village of Navàs they take door-to-door separate collection very seriously.

To facilitate the collection of waste, in Navàs they have created a sort of hanger for waste, also to prevent the wind from scattering the bags on the streets.

Only the glass packaging is collected with the classic street containers (bell-shaped) and not with the door-to-door system. It is worth noting that the cleanliness around the container and also inside the glass packaging were all without plastic bags.